The supermassive black hole named ‘Powehi’ by a Hawaii University professor

The Event, Horizon Telescope project, has revealed the first ever image of the supermassive black hole. Now a Hawaiian name is given to the black hole by the language professor of Hawaii University, Larry Kimura. The Hawaiian professor has named the dense cosmic object on Thursday after the revelation of the image on Wednesday. The black hole is named as Powehi, the meaning of the word is an embellished dark source of never-ending creation or an adorned fathomless dark creation. The word comes from an 18th-century Hawaiian chant, the Kumulipo. According to Jessica Dempsey- the co-discoverer of a black hole, the Hawaiian name is best suited for the black hole as it matches the exact scientific description of a dense black hole. The name is justified since there are two telescopes in Hawaii included in the project, say the astronomers.

Image Courtesy: The Nation

There are many theories has been proposed to date regarding the supermassive black hole. But no one has ever seen the black in their eyes. People till now only able to see the dense object in fictional videos. The Event, Horizon Telescope project, has able to reveal the first ever image of the black hole on Wednesday. The idea was generated a year ago, but the fact was not revealed to the world then. The team of 200 scientists has been working on this project since a year to capture the image of the black hole. Eight radio telescopes have been incorporated around the globe to capture the image of a black hole. The scientists from Boston University, University of Massachusetts, MIT’s Haystack Observatory in Westford and Brandeis University are involved in the Event Horizon Telescope project. The team has successfully accomplished the project by capturing the image of a dense cosmic object.

The is an image of the cosmic black hole, which at a distance of 530 million light-years from our milky way galaxy is captured by the huge team by using radio telescopes and digital technology. The concerned project was directed by Sheperd Doleman- the senior research fellow in Astrophysics at Harvard University. The image of the black hole looks like an orange cloud dense on the moon. The project initiative was taken a year ago, but it is kept secret from the world. On Wednesday the image was revealed at Washington DC and five other countries. The incredible image of the black hole has amazed the people in all over the world. The Event, Horizon Telescope project, has promised to capture the image and present it to the world.

The existence of a black hole was believed to be due to the collapse of stars. The dense object is void, so it escapes no light. The most efficient team of scientists are praised on a worldwide platform for the accomplishment of the project effectively. The details related to the black hole are not revealed by the scientists yet. The Hawaiian name given by professor Kimura to the dense cosmic black hole is well suited according to the characteristics of the object.

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