Samsung Galaxy S10 in-screen fingerprint improvement is now available for users

Screen fingerprint improvement in Samsung galaxy s-10.


The all new Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first flagship smartphone of the company in which it includes an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. As per the company, it said that this sensor is very fast and accurate concerning the optical sensors that are found in the smartphones.

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But soon after its launch, it was seen that many users who all have gone for Samsung S10 smartphone start complaining about the fingerprint issue. The users said in the online forums of Samsung that the in-display fingerprint is not at all good. After this uproar, Samsung quickly responded to this issue and issued a statement in which it said that the company would be addressing this problem with an improvement in a few days.

After all this uproar, now it is seen that the company has kept its word that it has given to its beloved customers. Samsung now started to give the updates for the biometrics software to all the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphones. The update that the Samsung smartphone is getting is seen to be V2.0.8.4. This update is given to the users to fix the on-screen fingerprint issue with the smartphone unlocking system.

As per the reports, it is said that this upgrade is very good and it is the latest upgrade for the S10 and S10+ users. In a statement, it is said that the company is now pushing an update. This update is shown to the users as “Biometrics Security Patch- Fingerprints.” In the update, it is shown that the total size of the update is just 6.9MB.

As per a Reddit, a user has posted there by saying that after the phone is updated with this new fix software, the on-screen fingerprint sensor is working fine and very fast as compared with the last fingerprint sensor.

But, if you have not got the update in your mobile till now, then you need to wait for the update. This is because there is no way by which you can go for updating this issue manually. So, for now, you have to wait a bit for the company to push the update to your Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. For now, the update is available in Germany and Poland along with other places like the Netherlands as well as the United Kingdom. If you don’t belong to these places, then you have to wait not so long by the way to get the update in your phone.

This all new update is solely for the fingerprint issue only and nothing else. Recently it is seen that the company has got complaints of glaring revelation from the users. But till now there is no official word from Samsung. This means that this issue is not addressed in this update neither there is any confirmation about the issue from the company itself. So, you can expect the better update for your Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ in the future security update from the company.


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