Four million cases of pediatric asthma every year associated with air pollution due to traffic

Four million cases of Asthma due to Air Pollution.


With the development of technology, the automobile sector also gets the chance to boost production and sales. Now every individual has their vehicle, to move around the city. Increase in several vehicles leads to more traffic and air pollution. In a global study, the US ranks high in terms of pollution linked to traffic, and that resulted in new case asthma in children every year. Traffic-related air pollution is associated with four million cases of pediatric asthma every year in the US. About 13 percentage of childhood asthma cases are reported those are related to traffic pollution each year. It is estimated that there are 170 asthma cases are related to traffic pollution in every 100,000 children. The US ranks 3rd in terms of several childhood asthma cases reported due to air pollution related to traffic in the world. The US has 25% higher traffic pollution attributing to childhood asthma. By studying 125 cities and 195 countries, it is estimated that asthma in children is caused by harmful NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) pollution.

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According to epidemiological studies, the traffic-related air pollution has been rising since the 1950s and so pediatric asthma. Nitrogen dioxide is mainly responsible for asthma as 80% of traffic emission is nitrogen dioxide in the cities. China ranked 19th in terms of childhood asthma incidences due to traffic pollution; the US ranked 24th, India on 58th and South Korea ranked highest in the world. It is found that there are 8 to 10 cities in China have the highest cases of childhood asthma due to traffic pollution. According to senior author Susan Anenberg from George Washington University, NO2 pollution is the most dangerous one that is mainly responsible for childhood asthma. The substantial risk of NO2 is highest due to traffic pollution. The government should revise the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in traffic emission.

The pollution is mostly in urban areas and affects the children at an early stage. The children are suffering from this chronic disease if exposed high traffic has seen showing severe symptoms of the disorder. Cities with higher carbon dioxide emission have also emitted more nitrogen dioxide and pollute air leading to more childhood asthma cases. The new cases are found majorly in children between 1 to 18 years. Some cities are planning to implement congestion pricing for vehicle traffic to reduce the air pollution due to increased traffic. Health Canada and US environmental agency suggest long term exposure to nitrogen dioxide causes asthma in the children below 18 years.

The pollution by nitrogen dioxide is increasing in urban areas, due to the traffic in those areas affecting general health. The impact of traffic pollution on adults has not been proved yet, but the patients have asthma when exposed to pollution, seen worsening the condition. Four million new childhood asthma cases have been reported each year in the US; the reason behind the chronic disorder is traffic-related air pollution. So the authority is planning to revise the anti-pollution rule.


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