Beresheet- Israeli spacecraft crash-lands on the moon

The privately funded Israeli spacecraft designed by SpaceIL have successfully entered the lunar orbit on 4th April. The successful landing of the spacecraft would have made Israel the country to land on the moon after Russia, China, and the US. The Beresheet spacecraft faced some technical glitch before the soft landing on the moon and crashed. Before Israel India has crash landed Chandrayaan-1 on the moon in the year 2008.

Image Courtesy: Al Jazeera

The Israeli spacecraft had crashed on Thursday on the surface moon. The first privately funded spacecraft had tied to land within Mare serenitatis, but a huge volcanic basin makes the engine of the spacecraft fail on the moon. After the main engine failed, the spacecraft lost its communication resulting in the crash of 330 pond lander.

Beresheet has built by the Israel Aerospace Industries and SpaceIL- the private startup. The spacecraft weighed about 585 kilograms; the money invested on the spacecraft is hundred million dollars. The entire spacecraft is sponsored privately. On 22nd February of 2019, Beresheet has lifted into space, and the spacecraft has entered the lunar orbit on 4h of April. The spacecraft had successfully entered the lunar orbit, which is considered as a huge success by the engineers and scientists of the Israel Aerospace.

The crash of the spacecraft on Thursday prevents Israel from getting the fourth position in the world to send their spacecraft to the moon. The failure of Beresheet soft landing on moon opens the chance for India to become the fourth country in the world to enter the lunar orbit and safely land the spacecraft. The Chandrayaan-2 that includes a lander, a rover and an orbiter designed by ISRO, is going to enter the space soon. The project of building the Chandrayaan-2 cost around 800 crore Indian rupees.

The spacecraft is expected to lift from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh with a satellite launch vehicle. The launching of Chandrayaan-2 is being delayed repeatedly, due to the technical assessment. The launch may happen in next few months, says ISRO chairman- Dr. K Sivan. The exact date is not announced by ISRO yet. This year, the lander named Vikram was a failure when lifted to space, suffered a setback. The report says, only the test model was got damaged, but the flight model is unharmed and safe.

Chandrayaan-1 was crashed on the surface of the moon in 2008, but the lander by India provides information about the presence of water on the moon. The basic information about the space has been collected from the Indian lander. The information is helpful in understanding the geology of the moon better. After the crash land of Beresheet on the moon, India will try to claim the 4th place in the world to enter the lunar orbit after Russia, China, and the US. Chadrayaan-2 is expected to be a success by ISRO to land on the moon. The crash land of Beresheet is due to some technical glitch, but the successful entrance to the lunar orbit is considered as an achievement by Israel. The team has tried its level best to make the landing a successful one.

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