SpaceX’s second Falcon Heavy launch on Thursday


Finally, SpaceX will launch its second massive rocket- Falcon on Thursday. The launch was scheduled to be in the past weekend, but with repeated delays, it is going to happen on today. The weather is also cooperating to the launch to be successful. The launch of Falcon Heavy rocket is scheduled to be on time- 06:35 p.m. EST. For the first time, SpaceX is using the Falcon Heavy rocket, by launching communication satellite into the orbit of earth from Arabsat, in a commercial capacity. The company has planned to live telecast the launch event via YouTube.

Image Courtesy: Spaceflight Now

The world can catch the SpaceX launch live. The first Falcon Heavy launch has happened in the year 2018, in which the SpaceX owner Elon Musk kept his expectation low. Despite being splashed down in the ocean, the launch was successful. The two side rocket boosters on the Falcon Heavy rocket have made a successful landing on earth. Only the central core booster has missed the aim in the sea. Again SpaceX is preparing the Falcon heavy launch to be a huge event, as the stakes are higher at this time.

The paying customers of SpaceX are expecting the satellite to carry aloft in one piece. The record of SpaceX is good as of now, after the second successful launch of Falcon Heavy, the net worth of SpaceX will be even higher. The great block five boosters are to be used for the first time to provide additional thrust for Arabsat-6A mission. As per the plan, the rocket’s side boosters will pull off a synchronized ground landing. SpaceX attempts triumphant return of the central core to a drone ship in the sea. Upper atmospheric wind shear makes the company reschedule the launch of Falcon Heavy rocket to 11th of April.

Elon Musk, the ultra-ambitious founder and owner of many companies including SpaceX,, have sponsored designing many spacecraft and automobiles. His company has managed to grab many deals with NASA and International space station. The company is going to launch its second massive rocket expecting it to be a successful launch. It is delivering the six-ton Arabsat-6A satellite to geostationary orbit around the earth which is about 36,000 kilometers above the planet, says AFP reports. According to SpaceX, the telecommunications satellite will deliver internet, radio, mobile and television communications to the people of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. The successful launch will happen with the landing of three boosters on earth, and it will be the first triple landing of reusable rockets. In landing zone 1 and two at Cape Canaveral, Florida the two side boosters will attempt to land. On the other hand, the center core will try to land over drone-ship stationed in the Atlantic Ocean, namely, Of course, I still love you.

There are many speculations before the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket that is being repeatedly delayed from the past several months. It is finally going to happen today and will be live via YouTube. People around the world can catch the launch event of Falcon Heavy rocket by SpaceX.


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