Is all new Apple AirPods worth of buying?

Are new Apple Airpods worth buying?


In the latest product announcement from Apple, the most awaited AirPods have been announced by the company. The new and advanced AirPods from Apple are said to be powered by the New H1 Chip. With this new chip, it can provide you with more Talk time which is about 50 percent more along with other features like the inclusion of Hey Siri and Wireless charging feature.

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This all-new AirPods are said to be the second generation of the world’s most popular wireless headphones. The company has brought these wireless headphones with advanced audio experience for the customers along with the beautiful design for the same. The chip that comes in the new AirPods are said to be of H1 chip, and it is developed for the headphones. The headphones help in delivering the performance with faster connection times and more talk time for the users. The Apple AirPods too include a standard charging case which is said to be convenient for the charging at home or offices.

According to Phil Schiller, who is the Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, it is said that AirPods have been delivered with the magical wireless experience as well as the company is given one of the most lovable product to their customers. This device can get connected to all types of devices. Apart from this, it can provide crystal clear sound as well gives you innovative control of the music and audio. Apple also added by saying that this new AirPods is the best wireless headphones. The headphone too comes with the hands-free Hey Siri feature which is another good feature that the people are now living in it.

If you look at Apple’s new AirPod, then the newly designed H1 chip features and comes with the custom audio architecture. It helps in creating the revolutionary audio experience, and it helps in improving the synchronization. This H1 feature allows the AirPods to deliver about more than 50 percent of more talk time if it is compared with the first generation of AirPods. When you switch between the devices like you-you listens to iPhone, Apple Watch or even iPad then it is seen that it’s very fast and more seamless when it get connects with the times. 

In this new AirPods from Apple, you will find Hey Siri feature. This feature is said to be used for the first time in it. This type of AirPods are said to be featured with the change songs, and it makes the call as well as helps in adjusting the volume of the device as well. You can do all these things simply by giving command Hey Siri.  If you are thinking about the charge, then each of the cases holds additional charges for more than 24 hours, and it ensures that the AirPods get charged easily. The wireless charging case is said to be designed which offers with charging with Qi-compatible charging solutions. You will also find the LED light indicator which is located on the front of the case, and it shows with the charge status for the AirPods.


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