Get to know all about Katie Bouman- the MIT grad, helped in capturing the black hole image

Katie Bouman captured the first picture of the black hole.


The supermassive black hole image has revealed recently. There are many facts and findings associated with the capturing of the black hole image. So many people, scientists, and astronomers are being associated with accomplishing the mission of winning the supermassive black hole image. One of the talented astronomers in the group is Katherine Bouman, helped in capturing the first-ever image of a black hole in a distant galaxy. It is a complete technical task to capture the image of a void that is so dense, escapes no light. The scientists of the Event, Horizon Telescope project, have promised to reveal the image of the dense object, which has been accomplished on Wednesday. The idea of taking a picture of the black hole came almost a year ago, but the discovery has stayed secret till date. After the revelation of the stunning image to the world, Katherine Bouman has spoken about all the interesting facts associated with great discovery.

Katherine Bouman- the doctoral graduate of MIT, continuing her studies at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, spoke for the first time about the discovery. Almost a year ago, the black hole initiative took privately with 200 scientists including Bouman. They all are instructed to keep their mouth shut before the revelation of the image to the world, said Bouman. The project was led by a senior research fellow at Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Sheperd Doeleman. The team has taken the first ever picture of a black hole- one-way door out of universe said Doeleman. The dense cosmic black hole is 53 million light years away from our galaxy, the light twisting and time wrapping mystery of our universe was hinted by Albert Einstein centuries ago. The large team of scientists from Harvard, MIT, and other reputed Universities has able to capture the imao0ge of cosmic black hole incorporating eight radio telescopes around the globe.

Image Courtesy: Sky News

The data collected by the radio telescopes, enable the scientists to capture the incredible picture of the black hole. The aim was to see the image of the black hole that is impossible to see in reality. It is like a dense cloud. It is about the size of an orange over the moon, according to Bouman. The Event, Horizon Telescope project, has plumbed the expertise of the scientists of Boston University, University of Massachusetts, Brandeis University and MIT’s Haystack Observatory in Westford.

Katie Bouman has developed the algorithms, denoting the point at which energy fall and light matter in the incomprehensible density of supermassive black hole and trapped there only for eternity. The first ever image of the black hole is revealed on Wednesday at Washington DC and in other five locations in the world. The existence of a massive black hole is believed to be caused by the collapse of stars. The scientists didn’t talk much about all the details regarding the discovery and the analyzed data, said Katie Bouman. The team has celebrated privately on the initiative of discovering the image of a black hole.


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