The fake news regarding Measles vaccination is fuelling the health emergency in the US

The health department of the US is taking specific initiatives to prevent Measles. The health officials in the country are repeatedly advising the parents to get their children vaccinated to prevent the spread of measles virus. On the other hand, a magazine namely, the vaccine safety handbook spreads false information about vaccines inside its pages. According to the book, the vaccine contains cells from aborted human fetuses and can cause autism; there is no more significant threat to global health than the vaccine. The slick magazine is said to be meant for parents who want to raise healthy children. The statement in that magazine contradicts the scientific consensuses regarding the vaccine.

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According to scientific fact, the vaccine is very useful in preventing the disease and safe for public health. The concerned handbook made by a specific group called parents educating and advocating for children’s health (PEACH) is targeted for ultra-orthodox Jews. The communities are the most massive measles prone in the US. The misinformation in the ultra-orthodox group increases the outbreak. According to one of the co-authors of PEACH’s book, vaccines contain DNA of rat, pig, and monkey along with cow serum blood. These elements are forbidden for human consumption.

The anti-vaccine movement has gone beyond the ultra-orthodox community, growing and thriving pockets of vaccine opponents in all over the country, which spans ideological boundaries. The anti-vaccine movement in New York has no leader of the ultra-orthodox community. The most ultra-orthodox population lives in Borough Park neighborhoods, in Rockland country and Brooklyn’s Williamsburg. The estimate says the population is about 300,000 in New York. Recently the health department of New York has issued an order to suspend the unvaccinated children from the school to prevent the transmission.

A four-hour conference call was promoted for ultra-orthodox families on Sunday by the experts of vaccine science. Still, some stubborn communities stick to the fact that vaccines are more harmful than making any benefit. The health officials have confirmed that the measles virus can be prevented by vaccination, but the vaccination rate should be 100%. If the unvaccinated people come in contact with measles virus, they will transmit the virus to vaccinated people. So the health department has taken specific initiatives, to get the 100% vaccination rate. The measles virus can be spread even before the diagnosis. The common symptoms of measles are cough, cold and fever, measles identified by the characteristic rashes on the skin. Healthcare facilities also keep the patients isolated in a separate room to prevent transmission.

The public should ignore the myth written in the handbook and get them vaccinated to prevent measles. The outbreak of measles in different countries leads to a public health emergency. The health department is taking initiatives to aware the people in the country. Most of the liberal populations are aware of the benefits of getting vaccinated, but some communities are misled by the false information published in the handbook, which increases the health emergencies in the country.

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