Don’t think Alexa is just AI; Amazon workers are listening to your talk with Alexa

Alexa isn't just AI.


Alexa is the AI of Amazon, and it is considered as one of the best smart speakers in the market. In this, you need to voice for the software to play games, and with the help of this AI, you can also find trivia or trawl too. It is seen that Amazon is continuously trying hard to improve the experience of Alexa.

Image Courtesy: Windows IT Pro

For these reasons, it currently employs about thousands of employees under this program so that they can help in improving the digital assistant which powers the line Echo speakers. But in this run for improvements, it is seen that the team that is employed by Amazon listens to all recordings that you do with the Alexa in homes or offices. The recordings that they listen are said to get transcribed, annotated and then it gets fed to the software. By doing this, they ensure that it helps in eliminating the gaps that usually exist between Alexa and human.

The team of Amazon who is assigned this work consists of contractors along with the full-time Amazon employees who all work from Boston to Costa Rica, India and even in Romania. It is said that they are signed with non-disclosure agreements which bare them from speaking publicly with the program. The workers are working 9 hours per day and they also reviewing almost 1,000 audio clips per shift.

As per the reports from Bloomberg, it said in a statement that the customers who all use the Alexa don’t know that their takings are getting listen by others too. Apart from that, it is said by the workers that there are also abuses which they listen through Alexa.  But the main problem is it is not cleared by the company that how the recordings are stored and how long they kept. In a report, it too said that there are many times when they listen to any kind of sexual harassment case or about the procedures to loop in the law enforcement.  Apart from that all, there are some times when the workers listen to funny conversations and enjoy the moment.

In the statement from Amazon to Bloomberg, it said that they annotate with a small sample of Alexa voice recordings by which they aim to improve the customer experience. This type of information usually helps in training the speech recognition as well as natural language understanding systems. For all these reasons, it understands the requests, and also it ensures that the service works well with everyone as well. 

It is seen that the company has not given any kind of access to the employees to access the identity of the person who is involved in the Alexa voice request.  The company too added by saying that they maintain all the information that they get by them is treated with high confidentiality. The data are protected by them via multi-factor authentication to restrict access, audits, encryption, and other services.


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