Little boy with spina bifida is running now, after taking the first step

A video of a 2-year-old boy, Roman Dinkel has gone viral, seen by millions of population. In that video Roman took his first steps, defying the odds of spina bifida– a rare condition that prevents the formation of spinal cord properly. The footage of Roman released recently, is inspiring, liked and shared by millions of people around the world. The little two-year-old boy is from Kansas. He is born with this rare condition-spina bifida that makes him undergo surgery even before he was born.

Roman also had another condition hydrocephalus, in which there is extra fluid around the brain. Due to These health conditions, Roman had two surgeries within the first year of his birth. There are various cases of spina bifida, and every situation is different, but the health condition affects all part of the body. Doctors had to conduct surgery on Roman’s spinal cord before he was born due to spina bifida. Other two brain surgeries have been performed on Roman due to hydrocephalus.

The parents of the child Adam and Whitney Dinkel spoke to the news channel for the first time and said Roman is not just walking, but he is running now. He has also gone to Disney recently. They also have two older children, so they have to be extra cautious. They can’t take a casual headache casually. They have to assume that seriously. They usually make it like whether it is spina bifida or hydrocephalus, said the couple. Spina bifida can’t be cured completely; you have to be in medication only. The couple took social media to showcase the journey of Roman and let people know more about spina bifida. They spread their message through Facebook to aware individuals about the health condition.

In Spina bifida, the spinal column and neural tube can’t develop properly in embryos. The development of the neural tube started after the first month of conception. So, the condition is usually identified by the doctors in an unborn child like Roman. They conduct surgery to prevent further development of the symptoms. The congenital condition exposes the spinal column and affects all the organs of the body. The exposure of the spinal column means there is more risk of infection and can cause hydrocephalus. Low intake of folic acid in time of pregnancy can lead to spina bifida, but it is not the reason always. There are different kinds of spina bifida seen in different ages of individuals.

There are four significant types of spina bifida has been reported such as Myelomeningocele, Occulta, closed neural defect and Meningocele. Myelomeningocele is considered to be the most severe type of spinal bifida that can cause partial paralysis or complete paralysis, as the spinal column is exposed in this condition. The 2-year-old boy, Roman has fought all the odds and has taken his first step. It is an inspiring story of today’s date, which is available now in most of the social media sites. The video uploaded by the parents of the little boy gone viral within a short period.

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