According to a new study, certain types of supplements could be cancer causing

Supplements can cause cancer.


In the world full of busy people living a hectic lifestyle, people want to stay fit and healthy. Different health supplement brands are luring those individuals to provide them with a long and healthy life by consuming their products. A wide range of health supplement varieties is available in the market to attract people for healthy living. So, many individuals are taking vitamin supplements to live longer, but a recent study says, certain supplements increase the chances of cancer in the body. An investigation has been conducted on 30,899 adults of America, to understand the relation between the nutrient gain from food and the use of dietary supplements.

Over six years, 805 people died of cancer, and 945 have been killed due to cardiovascular disease. While vitamin K, vitamin A, copper, and zinc are not associated with premature death, consumption of calcium supplement increases the risk of cancer in the human body. The supplements only benefit health when that comes from food. Calcium supplements presented a 53% rise in risk of cancer if taken 1000mg or more per day.

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A person who doesn’t have vitamin D deficiency, but taking vitamin D supplement of 10mg per day has increased the risk of premature death, say the researchers. The people on the other hand, who generally have vitamin D deficiency and not taking a supplement is healthier with a lower risk of premature death. According to the published study in The Annals of internal medicine, the benefit of taking nutrient-dense food is much higher than taking health supplements.

There are no health benefits of making any health supplements; no dietary supplement can replace the balanced diet. It is advised by the nutritionists to the people all over the world to have a nutrient-dense balanced food instead of taking the health supplements to complement their diet. Certain health supplements increase the risk of deadly diseases affecting general health negatively.

Investing in a dietary supplement is wasting your money, says the study. Because the supplements have no health benefits for general health, they don’t have any role to play in your long life. But some health supplements like calcium and vitamin D higher your risk of death. So having nutrient-rich food is the ultimate solution for leading a healthy life. Green vegetables, fruits, multi-grains, plant proteins, yogurt, and low-fat milk are some of the foods that are filled with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins in it. Including these foods in your daily diet can provide you healthier life than taking supplements for vitamin and nutrient. No supplement can give you the necessary nutrient and vitamins required for your body. Switching to nutrient-rich food and avoiding dietary supplements is the best way to lead a healthy life. Various health problems and risk of taking health supplements have been reported in the new study. The study has emphasized the increased health risks due to the consumption of the dietary supplements in your daily routine. So these supplements should be avoided


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