Google confirms all new laptops and tablets at Cloud Next 2019

Laptops and tablets at cloud next 2019.


Google at its event Cloud Next 2019 has hosted a session whose main focus on the Google Hardware for Business. Earlier as per reports, Google was said to be shifting its employees from its tablet and laptop division, but the company has not confirmed about this. It is seen that the company has now laid out the plan which is about the all-new Pixelbook and Pixel Slate Lineup.  The Cloud Next 2019 session has started with the premium, secure and versatile things in which it said about the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate.

Image Courtesy: The Verge

As per the Pixelbook Group product administration, Steve Jacobs said that they know there are some uncommon things which can attain other than Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. It is seen to be that they are attempting to construct up the things after they are working in the original cloud-first era. If you go by Jacob’s LinkedIn profile, it is seen that the profile of the LinkedIn profile reveals the three different categories that are existed within Google’s Core Abilities. These are Pixel Slate, Pixelbook and also another product named as Emerging.

When you think about the Emerging, it is seen that till now there is no clear picture of it. If you go through the Jacobs profile in LinkedIn for Cloud Next, then it is found that it has given focus on the Core Technology group. This group is seen to be looking for new and modern innovative ways in which they can advance about the way by which they work and can play on their personal computers. This computer is like another kind of PC for the customers.

As per Steve Jacobs, it is seen that Pixelbook Group has described as the future device which helps in the workforce and termed it as “Be productive on the go.” If anyone goes as per the timeline of the new launches that was done by Google in the past years, then October is the month for Google. It is seen that for the last two years, Google has made some big announcements during this month.

In another statement from the company, it said that about 60 percent of Google employees had got the working paradigm and they are working outside their desk. While about 43 percent of them are seen to be working at least part-time, it is seen that the tools that are used by them are not conducive with the lifestyle and the work style of the workers to help in giving the products maximally for which they are excited about the work.

But still some good things are present, and it can really help them with this and for which they are now working for with some best modern cloud-first era. If you go for the reports, then you can see that Google has not completely given up on the product line and the company is still in belief to put the own Google-branded Chrome OS device.


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