The first ever image of the massive black hole is to be revealed in some days 

Everything that is known yet about a black hole is based on inference only because no one has ever witnessed a black hole in their eyes. Moreover, to change that fact, the event horizon telescope project is planning to reveal the image of a black hole for the first time. The international researcher’s group is working on the project to reveal the big picture to the world maybe this week. It is going to be a grand event, the group of researchers of the Event Horizon Telescope project, will hold a press conference in multiple languages all around the world. The Event Horizon group has announced to reveal plenty of information along with the audiovisual material that may include the picture of the black hole.

Image Courtesy: Resonance Science Foundation

Lots of theories and illustrations are made about the solid object, till date based on the facts known currently. The first ever image of the black hole going to be released in next week, the press conference regarding that, will be held in Washington D.C scheduled to be on 10th April at 9 a.m. the world will see the image of a black hole for the first time. Scientists know that the black hole does exist due to the gravitational pull the black hole exerts on stars, gas and other nearby objects. No light can be escaped from the black hole. This is the reason Black holes are not visible. The event horizon telescope project has created a network of 8 radio observatories all around the world to build a virtual earth sized telescope. If the project will be successful and the scientists can capture the image of the black hole, it will equivalent to count the individual dimples of a golf ball at LA standing in the New York, says the Event Horizon video.

According to the announcement, the scientists have planned to capture the massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy known as Sagittarius A*. According to Dan Marrone –astrophysicist in Arizona University, it might be a crescent, jet-like structure, brightened on a side or might be bipolar structure to be seen. Countless people have illustrated many theories about the black hole, but it will be incredible to see what it looks like. We have seen the super massive black holes in fiction videos only yet. The telescopes working on the planet-wide network to capture the image can go deeper in the galaxy after catching the picture of the massive dense object.

It will be fascinating to see the first ever picture of the super massive black hole on Wednesday. The Event Horizon telescope project always has the goal to capture the big picture of the black hole. It will deliver the image soon as per the promise. So we are just days away from the big picture of black hole now. The image of one of the mysterious science object in the galaxy is going to be revealed soon to the world.

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