Taking supplements have no health benefits somewhat harmful to your health

Supplements somewhat harmful for your health.


There are ample of marketers who offer several health supplements and vitamins, but the health benefits of these supplements, powders, and pills are not yet seen. Some new research has suggested that health supplements have negatively affected your health instead of providing any supplement to your body. A study published in Annals of Internal medicine says, vitamin supplements don’t have any health benefits. This can bring harmful effects on healthy people. The dietary supplements do not have any important benefits on the general population or don’t help in living longer. 

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The different health risks of taking vitamin supplements have been analyzed in the study. Initially, the researchers thought the single nutrient supplements and multivitamins could lower the risk of death generally. But after examining different factors like the consuming habit, the lifestyle of the individual and age group, the benefits of health supplements have disappeared. People usually consume supplements without knowing their health requirement. If a person drinks vitamin D supplement without vitamin D deficiency, they can get an adverse result.

When a variety of vitamin supplements is taken into consideration including vitamin K, vitamin A, and zinc, it is found that the supplements do not have any health benefits and no health risks too. People, who are consuming ten micrograms of vitamin D daily without any health pre-existing vitamin deficiencies, are more prone towards the risk of causing cancer, says the study. According to Fang Fang Zhang-co-author of the study, the intensity of harm caused by the consumption of vitamin D supplement in people consuming the supplement without vitamin D deficiency, are need to be reevaluated. Likewise, the study says, use of excess calcium can increase the risk of cancer in the human body. The reason is not cleared yet though. It is believed that calcium may increase hormone production. The researchers have not explained why calcium increases cancer risk in people.

Many researchers have found that vitamin supplements and mineral supplements do not have any direct health benefits, but when you consume those supplements as food, can be benefitted. The nutrient-dense diet makes people healthy without consuming any supplement.  People with a balanced diet are more robust than the people on dietary supplements. The study has been conducted over 31,000 people over the age of 20. All individuals are using the supplement. Differently, the health effects of the dietary supplements vary according to their consumption habit. One thing is cleared in the study that, the health supplements are not the substitute of a nutrient-dense diet. A healthy balanced diet is considered as the best solution for a healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays, People are wasting money on expensive dietary supplements believing those to be healthier. But the myth has been busted by the researchers currently. There is no substitute to a balanced diet; health supplements do not have any health benefits somewhat adversely affect your body. So taking a nutritious food in your daily routine is a wiser decision. Investing in dietary supplements is a waste of money as well as can harm your health severely.


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