New Chromium-based Edge browser revealed by Microsoft

Edge browser revealed by Microsoft.


As per latest reports, the much-anticipated Chromium browser has got revealed by Microsoft. This all new browser was got its codename as Anaheim. As per the images posted online, it shows that this new Edge browser has got an interface which is very much identical with the Google Chrome. This is seen that this is based on Chromium and much of the UI is seen to look alike Chrome, but it is not similar like the Chrome. 

This all-new Chromium-powered Edge browser is one of the latest product from Microsoft. If you download this browser to test it, then you will see that this is very much stable and can perform well when it comes to the performances. In the performance results, it is seen that the points that the new Chromium browser has secured is much high than the Google’s Chrome browser and this was done on Windows 10.  For your information, you should know that both of the Chromium open-source projects are built on the same platform. 

Image Courtesy: AdiTechs

The all new Chromium browser is now on its initial days, but despite it, the performance that this browser is giving concerning Google Chrome browser shows how efficient this browser may prove shortly. It is seen that Microsoft has started to layer its ways and to try to give its flavour over the interface. The things that the company tries to include in it are said to be like redesigning the Settings interface as well as introduce the customized icons for the UI.  It seems that this all new advanced browsers will be looking like the Edge and it will not be like the Chrome after it gets fully developed by the Microsoft. 

In the reports, Microsoft has revealed that till now it has removed or replaced the Chromium browser with more than 50 Google’s services. The Google services that Microsoft has revealed include Google Now, Google Cloud, ad blocking, Spell check, Push notifications, Extension Store, Google Pay, Drive API, Google DNS, and many other services. 

The company’s main focus is on fundamentals of browsing, extension and reliability support for the early version of Edge which was built on Chromium and now the company is looking for the feedback about the basics of the start. Apart from that all, the company is also building the in-sync support system which includes the browsing history, favorites and extensions across the Edge. 

It is seen that the engineers from Google and Microsoft have been working to improve the Chromium project and for now Microsoft has got around 150 commits that are acceptable to the Chromium — as per a statement by Joe Belfiore, who is the corporate vice president at Microsoft, said that they are now working directly with the teams from Google and broader Chromium community. Joe appreciated all the collaborative and open discussions and how the work is progressing. Joe added by saying that the fully developed browser is not yet surfaced so wait for now.


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