Amid measles surge, Yeshiva school excludes unvaccinated students

Yeshiva school exclude unvaccinated students.


The New York City Department of health has warned ultra-orthodox Jewish schools in the neighbourhood of Brooklyn to eliminate the unvaccinated students from the school due to the current outbreak of measles. Any Yeshiva in Williamsburg doesn’t comply with the order of the health department will face possible closure and fine. The health department has issued the order because the outbreak of measles among the communities is increasing rapidly to an alarming rate. In the total cases of measles in the US, New York has accounted for two-thirds of measles cases. The statistics are about the cases registered within the city only but the areas outside the city also seen the surge. Most of the measles cases have been reported in the town, which is from Borough Park and Williamsburg. These are the two neighborhoods, where the vaccination rate is lower. The majority of cases of measles are reported in Queens and Brooklyn in children aged below 18.

Image Courtesy : Fox News

Since the outbreak of measles, 285 cases have been reported from October. A state judge has issued a preliminary injunction, banning the children from public places who have not vaccinated for measles against Rockland country last week. The outbreak of measles in Rockland has infected Orthodox Jewish communities heavily. About 166 people are affected since October in Rockland, so the country issued the thirty days order. The health officials recommend increasing the vaccination rate to prevent measles from spreading, as the vaccine is proved to be effective up to 97%. The centers of disease control and prevention have advised all the children should get two doses of vaccine to prevent measles.

In December, a similar order has been issued to exclude students who are not vaccinated for rubella, measles, and mumps in Yeshivas in the parts of Williamsburg and Borough Park. A single Yeshiva has been reported with more than 40 cases of measles, after allowing the unvaccinated children back to the school in December. Runny nose, fever, and cough are the initial symptoms of measles the characteristic rashes appear when the measles virus-infected completely. The measles cases got complicated with brain swelling which leads to death. Measles usually affects children under 18 years. So the parents are advised by the health officials to get their children vaccinated to prevent measles. Some people have believed there is risk associated with the measles vaccine, but the risk is lower than the virus and disease itself. The important part is that the vaccine can eliminate the risk of transmission of measles virus. The individual with measles can cause the spread of the virus to other people, if not isolated and treated correctly. So the healthcare facilities have isolated the patients with measles in a separate room to prevent the illness transmit to other patients.

The order issued by the health department in the city of New York has the aim to eradicate measles from the area. Hundred percent of children will get vaccinated to attend the school, and the transmission could be prevented. 


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