The fingerprint sensor of Samsung Galaxy S10 gets fooled by the one that is 3D printed

Fingerprint Sensor of Samsung Galaxy S-10 gets fooled.


In these recent years, smartphones have been one of the most accessible gadgets. The advancement of technology has shown quite an impact on the advancement of the features of smartphones. The users are most often amused by new and advanced features that enhance the experience of using smartphones.

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Face mapping, sensors of the palm and many such other advanced features have already seen in the smartphones. But still, some features come the way of the users just to get them fooled. This is the latest update that the advanced fingerprint scanner of the Samsung S10 is being fooled by print out version of the fingerprint which is quite an effective way to have access to the phone without even the knowledge of the user.

The features of galaxy S10 is not the one that just relies on the potential fingerprint scanner which is widely used in other phones. Making the use of the Ultrasonic sensor is quite a difficult one to spoof his fingerprints. This is a major concern and this is so because people are dealing with several serious issues of their life like those of the banking and also keep their secret documents in their smartphones and in this way if there is any possible way with which an unknown can have access to the phone then that is the worst thing that can ever happen.

This is reported that a person will only need a photograph, a 3D printer and some software to have access to the phone. This can be done within 3 minutes. This cannot be denied that this hack has not been one which has been observed for the very first time. The police officials are also offered with this feature where they can also know in details about the phone and can also have access to the phone knowing in details about the murder case after the death of the person. The fingerprints cannot just be the secure method to secure the smartphone. The smartphones are more prone to steal and then spoof. Thus, the most advanced phones can also not be relied on to the fullest.

There is a cyber-security that is firm enough to take action against those things. But the action the taken against this act may not be of any use as the person can invade into your phone and extract the mere details that you have stored in your phone. The major concern of the people is just because many things are being carried out with the help of smartphones. This is the very reason it is stated that smartphones cannot be a secured option to carry out the day to day crucial activities like those of banking. Otherwise, it may turn into a mere threat to the detailed information and most probably the financial stability of the person. People are showing their grievances regarding the fact.


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