Marijuana or Tobacco: the impact of lighting up according to science

Smoking pot vs Tobacco.


There are different health impacts of smoking tobacco and smoking marijuana, considering that, many states have legalized Marijuana smoking. But people of America are has got the fact that smoking endangers public health. So many researchers and government officials worried about the effect of marijuana smoking will have on public health. Many individuals and groups raise questions over the legalization of marijuana in states. Sweeping federal assessment of marijuana research has found that the health risk of smoking weed is relatively lower than smoking tobacco. Smoking tobacco is considered as the prime cause of death in the US. 

District of Columbia and other ten states have already approved the use of recreational pot so that marijuana can be used without smoking. However, there is evidence of the health benefits of marijuana, such as relief from chronic pain. According to Mason- spokesperson for pro-legalization marijuana policy project, marijuana is a different product from tobacco and should be treated differently. In comparison between marijuana and tobacco, marijuana is less harmful to lung health than tobacco, but the pot doesn’t consider as a healthy option for human consumption. So the health officials are worried about the legalization of marijuana as it can be introduced to the world of vaping and can have a long term effect on human health.

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Tobacco vs. marijuana pot

Smoking tobacco is a critical reason for cancer and heart disease. But there is no link of marijuana smoking, and lung cancer is found. It is still unclear whether marijuana is responsible for heart strokes or attacks. Report from National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, consumption of weed has long term effect on human health. Different health conditions like bronchitis and chronic coughs are caused by long term cannabis smoking.

On the other hand, marijuana consumption ease chemotherapy-related nausea and responsible for schizophrenia. Now marijuana with tobacco leaves in a cigar wrapper has gain popularity. So many tobacco smokers are switching to the recreational pot as compared to nonsmokers. According to Dr. Sterling McPherson-medical professor at Washington University, the path of addiction is escalated by reinforcing one substance over another. Adults are becoming addicted to marijuana, and it increases the risk of dependency on other elements.

Introduction of marijuana in vaping has increased its consumption. Vaping is responsible for damaging the lung health and more harmful for underaged e-cigarette users. Legalizing marijuana will hugely impact the public health, said Erika Sward, the vice president of the American Lung Association. According to Rebecca Haffajee-the health policy professor at the University of Michigan, legalization of marijuana will allow this form of consumption will lessen non-smokable forms of the drugs only and the risk. 

The opinions of the health department and the government body vary within the same state as the officials of the Association of country health oppose the legalization of recreational weed in the state. The varying opinions create storm among the public and the government. The rule has made many groups, and officials actively take part in the discussion.


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