Features about Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV stick features.


The new fire TV 4K stick is one of the gadgets that is known for quite a high performance and has an HDR support with extra support of the Alexa controls But the only thing that happened to be the concern of the people is that the native screen mirroring was something that was taken out altogether out of the options which are available.

This is quite unfair as the feature just cannot be killed which is immensely given love, But there is a fix that can be done, and that is one can just make the use of the third party application and in addition to that one can make sure that the contents in the phone or the memories of the smartphones can be watched in the televisions. 

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To use that on firstly need to install the easy fire tools on the phone and then apk file has to be downloaded for the Aptoide TV store. This is one of the alternatives that are there in the Google play store that is not at all present in the Amazon devices and the sole reason behind that is the clashes between Amazon and Google which has been trending till date.

Once you open the application, then you can hit it and get it started. So here are some of the list of services:


Airscreen gives the allowance so that the Airplay technology to mirror or transfer the content on to the Fire TV stick. Once the device gets started, one can easily see Airplay inside the Mac or iPhone devices. On Mac devices, one just requires to navigate to the status bar and then the icon of the Airplay has to be clicked on. There one can see a menu popping up where there will be all the devices available for the Airplay enabled. One requires to click on the AirScreen which is mentioned as AS-AFMM or something similar to that. Once after you are successfully connected, then you can make the use of the device to see the content on the Fire TV Stick. The same can be done with the iPhones as well. In this way, one can have full-fledged functioning Airplay on the fire TV stick.


This is the device that allows casting many android devices natively, and one can even see the mirror of the windows devices directly through the Miracast. On the Miracast enabled Android device, all one requires to do is to go to the settings and then make the choice of the cast options. This is quite difficult for the exact location to be told. But after some digging one can find the option. After getting the option, all one requires is to just tap on that and the Airscreen will get connected to the phone in no time. The pixel 3 is tested, and this was observed that this works flawlessly.

Google Cast:

This is something that can effectively bring the TV on to YouTube. Thus, one can even see YouTube on Fire TV.


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