Candida Auris: the fungus is an emerging threat

Candida Auria fungus is an emerging threat.


Centers for disease control and prevention has announced Candida auris fungus as an emerging global threat and can’t be taken lightly as any mean can transmit it. The yeast is continuing to spread in hospitals around the globe. The fungus can get intact on any object like hospital furniture or equipment, also can remain on the skin of people for a long time. So it can be easily transmitted to other people and patient to patient. The C. auris yeast can infect your body and can cause death if the immune system is not active. The yeast is resistant to three major classes of anti-fungal drugs which left the doctors with very few alternatives to treat the infection.

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A report was published in the journal about this particular emerging infectious disease. 51 cases were reported in between 2016-2018 in healthcare centers in New York, and shockingly, all were due to the infection. Patients, who got infected by C. auris, already have severe health conditions before getting infected. Half of the infected patients (about 45%) have died within 90 days of the fungal infection being diagnosed. The samples collected from nearly fifty patients revealed that the yeast is resistant to fluconazole, an antifungal drug. About 15 out of 20 healthcare centers have infected by the fungus as the objects of the hospitals are infected. Most of the reported infections are in bloodstreams, ears, and wounds. The infection has occurred after several weeks in the patients admitted in the healthcare facilities. The sample of the fungus is found in the respiratory tract and the urine of the patients. But it is still to be discovered whether the yeasts only there without causing any damage to the organs. You can just get saved from the infection if your immune system is stable. The risk of getting infected increases if you have chronic diseases or you are on antibiotic treatment or had recent surgery.

C. auris has appeared in many countries since 2009, in many countries such as Columbia, India, South Korea, Pakistan, South Africa, Venezuela, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, and the US. The infection is officially reported in Japan in the year 2009. Center for disease control and prevention has cautioned the healthcare centers about the threat by issuing a report in the year 2016.there are various actions are taken by healthcare facilities to prevent the infection through C. auris. The measures are like diagnosing and detecting the C. auris fungus. Proper diagnosis is required as there are chances it can be diagnosed as other Candida species. The patients diagnosed with C. auris infection should immediately be isolated by the healthcare center in a separate room. The environmental protection agency has provided a list of cleaners who help in disinfecting the room of the patients and other objects of the hospital from time to time. The fungus is one of those microorganisms which are resistant to the anti-fungal drugs and has a harmful impact on the human body.


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