Beresheet spacecraft has entered the lunar orbit successfully

The maneuver makes Israel the seventh country to land the spacecraft in lunar orbit in the world. Beresheet-the spacecraft, which was scheduled to land on the moon in 11TH of April, has executed the most critical maneuver successfully on Thursday afternoon. The Beresheet spacecraft is a joint venture of Israel Aerospace Industries and Israeli nonprofit space that worth over hundred million dollars. Private donations almost entirely sponsor the spacecraft. The spacecraft is considered as a milestone which gives the real shot on the moon, said the co-founder of space. Moon’s gravity has captured the spacecraft successfully, said the aerospace engineers on Thursday and it may take some hour to confirm whether the spacecraft is heading in right direction.

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More than 25 engineers at the control room of Israel Aerospace Industries in Yehud to check on the spacecraft that is entering the lunar orbit. The speed of the engine needed to be slowed down to 7500 kilometers per hour to enter an orbit around the moon, which was previously was 8500 kilometer per hour. The engineers slowed down the speed by turning the spacecraft in the opposite direction. It takes about six minutes to slow down the engine and get the right speed. Eight different engines turn the spacecraft in the right direction. If the slow down process of the engine gets failed, the mission of landing on the moon will be a complete failure. The spacecraft will o some unknown orbit around the sun if the engine lost the direction, said Opher Doron-general manager of speed division in Israel Aerospace Industries

Landing in the lunar orbit is considered as a great achievement by the team of engineers. Also, the team has shown creativity in overcoming the challenges in space. Despite the critical stages to enter the moons gravity the team of highly creative engineer accomplishes the mission, said the CEO of SpaceIL proudly. Before attempting to land, the spacecraft will trace even the smallest loops around the moon. Beresheet will take smaller circles around the moon to reach the altitude which is fifteen kilometers above the surface, in the coming week. The spacecraft then rest on a sea of serenity by engaging the landing gear. The distance of the moon from the earth is about 385,000 kilometers or 239,000 miles. Beresheet has traveled over 5.5 million kilometers and has more millions of kilometers to travel. The spacecraft accounts as the longest and slowest spacecraft to the moon.

Engineers have drastically reduced the amount of fuel in the engine to lower the speed and use the gravitational force of the earth and the moon at the farthest and nearest points of the ellipses. The spacecraft weighs about 600 kilograms or 1300 pounds at launch, from which 440 kilograms accounts for fuel in the spacecraft. Despite reducing the fuel in the engine, fuel accounts the majority of the weight in the Beresheet. The successful lunar orbital entry of the spacecraft, Beresheet made the country seventh country in the world to enter the space.  

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