Lower intake of healthy food is more dangerous than a higher consumption of unhealthy food

Have you ever thought about the risk factor responsible for deaths all over the world? It is not happening because of high blood pressure, tobacco smoking or even due to high alcohol consumption. It is the poor diet, which is mostly responsible for more deaths in the world. Now, individuals are choosing unhealthy food options that include sugary drinks, preserved food items, red meat, etc. over healthy food. It is not only about the unhealthy food people intake. Rather, due to these things, there is a reduction in the quantity of healthy food in our daily diet that causes more health problems, said by Ashkan Afshin-assistant, professor in Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation University at Wahington.

According to a study in 2017, the death percentage is increasing as one people die among the five, which is occurring due to the lack of fruit, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and excessive sodium in their diet. One in every five people globally refers to 11million deaths, which are reported recently due to the lack of necessary nutrients in the diet rather than consumption of unhealthy food like food containing Tran fats and processed food in their diet. In research by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ashkan Afshin and team analyze the facts about dietary risk which directly impacts the human body.

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In a study, prepared by thousands of researchers-“diet for a healthy planet” made from tracking about more than 350 injuries and diseases, premature disability and deaths in about 195 countries. Reducing the intake of sugar and red meat by 50% and increasing the consumption of whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables can prevent up to 11.6 millions of premature death, says the study. Excessive sodium and lower intake of fruit and vegetable fiber, whole grain and nuts cause dietary risk which is related to end in most populous five countries.

The lack of whole grains in the countries likes Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, India, Nigeria, US, Pakistan, and Iran is an excellent risk factor as they consume processed grain with low nutritional value and high calories. Ultra-processed products use whole grain that is milled finely with added sodium, sugar and saturated fats. So people should opt for minimally processed products lowering the health risk, says Reynolds. In 54 countries, the Grain council introduced a stamp, for the consumers as the whole grain means the entire seed of the concerned plant that is the germ, bran, and endosperm. The stamp provided by whole grain council let the consumers know the level of whole grain in a product.

In 2017, there are ten million diet-related deaths were from cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, type 2 diabetes is responsible for 339,000 deaths and 913, 000 deaths from cancer. The highest dietary death numbers were in Uzbekistan followed by Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, and Vanuatu. In addition to this, the lowest death rate was in Israel followed by Japan, Spain, Andorra, and France. The UK ranked 23rd in terms of lowest death rate ranked country. The US ranked 43rd, Ireland 24th and Sweden ranks 25th in the world.

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