Hepatitis C is not an obstacle in organ transplantation according to the study

Organ Transplantation will be easy.


There is a need to consistently improve the utilization of organs, which are not used for the organ transplantation. Organs from the donors, suffering from Hepatitis C have been discarded due to the threat of transmission of the infection to the recipient. So both the recipient and the doctor were not willing to transplant organs from the donors with Hepatitis C. 

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According to the latest study, the organs donated by patients infected with Hepatitis C can be transplanted safely. New England Journal of Medicine published a study of heart and lung transplants finds, the recipient can be saved from the infection by incorporation of antiviral drugs effectively. Recent advancements in managing the Hepatitis C infection can cure more than 95% of patients with antiviral agents. Likewise the clearance of the virus can be achieved when the organ from the donor is transplanted in a Hepatitis negative recipient.

According to Adnan Sherif- kidney transplant doctor in Queen Elizabeth hospital at Birmingham, an individual can efficiently donate eight or nine organs. With Hepatitis C some of the organs have the risk of transmitting the infection to the recipient. A new drug to cure or block the infection can manage the condition of transmission of infection. That will increase the pool of the organs saving many lives. Dr. Robert Montgomery-The director of the transplant center at NYU Langone Health, himself accepted a heart from a Hepatitis C patient in the drug. Similarly, many pieces of evidence are there that shows the success with liver and kidney transplants from Hepatitis C donors. It is recommended for the heart recipient to accept an infected organ rather than waiting for a healthy organ. 

According to Dr. Ann Woolley in a study, about two-thirds of Hepatitis C who donate organs are on drugs. Additionally she had a hundred percent success rate in terms of Hepatitis C clearance as well as the condition of patients after transplantation. Also there is evidence of many cases of successful heart and lung transplant. 

More than 12,000 people died due to unavailability of organs for transplantation, says Dr. Emily Blumberg in an editorial. There is no such thing like organs accepted from a donor who is on drugs has lower efficiency, those organs have same standards like any other organ from a healthy individual. The initial result of the research encouraging as it gives successful transplantation.

Some organs carry the risk of transmission of Hepatitis C infection along with HIV. But those conditions can be detected earlier and can be managed by antiviral drugs. 

According to a recent analysis in the UK, about 15 appropriate donors with hepatitis C has been declined to donate organs due to the threat of transmission of infection. By using the organs of those donors 75%, extra organ transplant6ation can be done in a year. The team of virologists, health care managers, clinicians, and scientists has proposed the framework for accepting the organs of individuals suffering from Hepatitis C. that encourage the organ recipients to accept an organ from donors with hepatitis C.


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