Google’s Call Screening feature updates

Google's call screening feature.


This is one of the fittest features that are available in the new models of smartphones hitting the market. Before knowing about the models and further detail one first requires to know well about the feature in details. So basically this is the feature where the customers can get rid of attending the calls of the trending marketers. This feature is supported by the Artificial intelligence which is something that is radically helpful. This uses the power of the very renowned Google Assistant so that you can get rid of answering the extremely irritating telemarketers who are mere wastage of time.

How can it be figured out whether it is a robot call or a telemarketer?

While the conversation you can see the transcription of the conversation and can know whatever the caller speaks. But the transcription is completely dependent on how clear the caller speaks. But the major advantage is that you will be able to figure out whether it is a telemarketer or a robot call that is made. 

But if this is tricky for you to figure out, then one thing can be done, and that is you can make sure that you are adding some responses of your own to be conveyed on your behalf. Some of the most common response is to tell me more, call me back, etc. One can even bring about a change to the voice assistant to the male one as the default one is the female.

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Get detailed information about privacy and the transcripts of the

Call screening is something that has been handled entirely by the use of the phone. But this does not save the transcripts or the call records in the Google account. This used when there are unknown calls as it may also sound rude to people. This feature will be available in the phones like Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and Motorola Moto G7. Thus Motorola is finally crossing the lines and the limits that were set back by the Pixel Line. 

This very arriving part of all the features of the Motorola and as the Motorolla has a broader array of almost all the android phones. This very feature is one of the most welcomed ones. Motorola is most probably the very last smartphone that is including this feature in its smartphones. This happened to serve as a great market in Canada. Thus, the features are appearing to be one of the best ones that Google has provided till date.

So these were few things that one must know about the Google call screening. This feature is one of the major benefits for users. A user has nothing to do with it as this is a feature that can work by default. Al that you will be expected to do is to accept or reject the call from the telemarketing. If you answer the call, then this will use Google Assistant, and the caller can hear the message from the Google Assistant. The first message that is given is, hi, the person you are calling is Google Assistant.


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