Earth’s future can be predicted by this distant dead planet. Is it the end of the planet?

Earth's future can be predicted by dead plants.


Recently, Astronomers found an orbiting part of the dead planet, while researching deep into space at a distant star. Scientists are assuming this could be the future of the earth. Scientists in this study say, a fragment of a small dead planet found in the orbit of a white dwarf star. The findings make the scientists research more in-depth into the situation as it provides some idea about the twilight years of the planetary system. It can be an instance of the planets in the space, including earth. 

During the death of the star, the fragment found maybe a chunk of the destroyed world or a part of the dead planet’s core. According to Live Science, the role the dead planet is too small in size, so it has survived around the white dwarf star that has strong gravitational force. The fragment of the dead world must not be larger than 250 miles in diameter and unusually dense not to be ripped apart by the gravitational force of white dwarf star. It revolves around the white dwarf star, the study says.

Image Courtesy: George Weigel

The chunk of the planet has given a picture of the final fate of our world as both the dead planet and star are within our galaxy just about 410 light years away. The planet has been destroyed and the small parts found are proof of the destruction. It is not a pretty thought, but the scientists assume it, the sun will consume Venus, mercury, and earth when it swells into a red giant. Then our planet will be shrinking into another dead white dwarf as the dead star discovered now. According to the study, the scientists have predicted our planet has about six billion years to contemplate the future. 

It is a sobering thought, but the modern climate change and other environmental factors are held responsible for the destruction of the planet. The chuck of the dead planet, orbit around the white dwarf star, is providing a clear picture of earth and all other planets in Milky Way galaxy. The discovered fragment of the dead planet is present in our galaxy, so the researchers can predict that the earth’s future is in danger. That gives the thought about the end of the world. The other planets such as Venus and mercury can turn into dead planets along earth if the study is to be believed.

The study on a recently discovered chunk of the dead planet is currently in progress, and there are many fact and findings are to be revealed by the scientists. It is advised to all, to avoid pollution that affects the climate and the ecology badly, and that is changing the earth’s temperature and other measuring factors. A recent study says the carbon dioxide level goes highest in three million years. Earth has six billion years for contemplating the final fate according to the survey of discovered facts.


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