Amazon’s answer to AirPods of Apple is to arrive this year

Amazon will launch Apple Airpods.


Amazon is about to launch wireless earbuds enables with Alexa in the later part of the year as per mentioned by the news reports. Alexa is one of the smart features that is an Amazon assistant just by saying, Alexa. In the market, where there is major dominance of Apple products, Amazon is claiming its participation and has been emerging as one of the major competitors in the field. The virtual assistant is one of the most desired features. The trigger word for the assistant to come to action would be the word Alexa while making the use of any Alexa devices.

Image Courtesy: TechCrunch

Amazon has been one of the established platforms in the world where smart homes are preferences. These earbuds are some of the devices which can help the existing Alexa users quite a convenient way to access. Alexa can be made available to phones like those of iPhones and the Android devices as well. This can be the fittest virtual assistant for people and has many educational benefits and other kinds of benefits as well. The smart homes are the must for the kids of this era so that they can have access to a wide range of sources and can have an answer to all their doubts and queries.

Amazon has been one of the most successful company in terms of the technologies. This has always been ahead of the competition in all the aspects, but this has merely failed to claim better participation when it comes to phones. The failure of the fire phone has been the point from when Amazon’s luck did not turn out to good. 

But a device like the Alexa earbuds can have a good market. Alexa assistant is one of the most famous features, and many people make the use of this feature by buying the devices that can support the feature. But this very device can make the use of Alexa feature a bit more convenient for people. But at the same time, this also has to consider that this has not integrated into the operating system like those of the Apple or the own digital helpers of Google.

According to the stats, about 60% of the global market has been acquired by Apple by putting out wireless headphones. This report was the result of an analysis of the research of Counterpoint Research. There are some other options of devices as well which have the potential to have the support of Alexa features and naming some of them; they would be Jabra, Siri, etc.

For entering the crowded market where there is a predominance of Apple, the wireless Air pods have to have features enough to beat the brand by having a god market. Not only just this, but there are many other brands as well as putting out their Air pods, and the rivals are many. In the latter part of the year, Amazon is claiming to come up in a similar rivalry with an answer to the Air pods of Apple.


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