Starliner is delayed again by Boeing, confirmed NASA

Boeing again detained Starliner.


The first orbital test flight of Boeing is delayed again, the space flight of its CST-100 Starliner crew capsule is first scheduled to be delivered in November according to the deal with NASA, but it was pushed to march due to the economic crunch the company was facing. The financial crisis was due to a couple of crashes in which hundreds of life has been lost. The Starliner was supposed to be the carrier of astronauts of NASA to send them to space without seeking paying help from Russia. A lot of money already spent on the building of the spacecraft, so NASA is forced to extend the agreement with Boeing and has officially declared the delay of Starliner by Boeing. NASA will publish the updated launch schedule around next week.

Image Courtesy: SpaceNews

Boeing is developing the Starliner under a contract worth $4.2 billion with NASA in the year 2014. Similarly, SpaceX –a commercial crew deal, worth $2.6 billion makes crew dragon capsule of the company up and running. SpaceX has already accomplished the unscrewed test flight to International Space Station, which is currently ahead all of its competitors. Many analysts have assumed that Boeing can efficiently able to deliver a spacecraft to NASA, beating its competitor-Elon Musk’s team handily. But things have changed in reverse within several months.

NASA wants the Starliner to be reliable as it will transport the astronauts to and from the International space station. But reviewing the current situation, NASA is forced to wait for longer investing more cash for the program. The dealing company- Boeing and NASA has agreed in extending the period for testing the first crewed flight to ISS, after completing a detailed assessment of CST-100 Starliner system, said NASA in a statement. Starliner is a long-duration spacecraft, which needs to be technically feasible and should ensure access.

NASA has published a statement recently in which NASA has confirmed the dealing company-Boeing has not yet done integrating, building and testing the orbital flight test of Starliner. By reviewing the fact that, Boeing is not able to deliver the spacecraft and the happenings of these last major critical milestones, United Launch Alliance is not to be blamed anyway. The Pad Abort test for Starliner is yet to be conducted following a critically failed Starliner abort propulsion system done last year. The new program along with abort engine valves and new hardware been manufactured and redesigned to install in test abort engines.

NASA made the commercial crew deal with SpaceX and Boeing to design the human spacecraft in the US. US have been without the capability of orbital human spacecraft since the year 2011 after NASA retired the space shuttle fleet. Currently, NASA is depended on Russia for the orbital social space flight-Russian Soyuz rocket by paying a considerable amount to Russia. The accomplishment of the Starliner deal will bring back the spacecraft to US soil. The Starliner is most probably predicted to be ready for testing within august of this year.


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