Fossil Graveyard is found related to Asteroid that may extinct the Dinosaur.

Fossil Graveyard is found related to Astroid that will lead to no longer existence of Dinosaur.


Even the slightest evidence of the dinosaur has been preserved. The fossils of these extinct animals preserved underneath the layers of soil within the bedrock of earth. Now new fossils have found in North Dakota, potential evidence that can provide an idea about the extinction event of dinosaurs those are wiped out from the soil of earth about 66 million years ago. no articulated carcasses have never found before at K-T boundary, only isolated bones were found before, says a doctoral student t of geology in Kansas University. 

In a new study published by The New Yorker stated, the animal may have died in the times surrounding Chicxulub meteor by analyzing the huge cache of fish fossil and preserved animal. It is theorized by the paleontologists that, the rock which has slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula at Mexico created 12 miles deep, a 93-mile long crater near Chicxulub. That led to the destruction of about 75 percent of animals and plants on earth. Although Chicxulub is not wholly responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs, as there are other reasons like volcanic activity and climate change, it was the time that ended the Cretaceous period.

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According to the research team by Manning, 66 million years ago, a rock measuring six to seven mile pummeled the earth at a speed of 40,000 miles per hour. The massive shockwave rises the water level to 10 meters high bumping its contents. The several bumps over quick succession were enough to wipe to the lives on the planet. Well this is only assumed scientifically analyzing the debris. The facts and findings help the scientists understand the impact of Chicxulub, that was not known before. The deposits or the fossils are in preserves of the aftermath of the event which make the geologists and scientists understand how the event has affected the ecology of the earth.

Some tektites found at the site such as materials formed out of molten crust matched with other K-T boundary material. It matched with each other as the residue of Chicxulub impact. The research paper succeeds in finding the fact that fascinating and vibrant the Tanis site from the geological and paleontological point of view. Mark Norell from the American museum of natural history division believes that, the study reveals the impact, intense heat generation and all other facts. Whether it was a tsunami or just swelling displacement by shockwave is studied. The research done at the K-T boundary ought to clarify and confirm the facts that have been assumed.

The relation of dinosaur death and Tanis findings are not published in the paper, as the scientists have not confirmed the facts and findings yet. According to Manning, the picture is being assumed by the scientific method as only ten percent of the fossil is excavated and available for study yet. The scientists are showing interest in Tanis which will carry on the research for a long period. There a lot of heavy lifting has to be done to get the evidence and continue the research.


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