Epic Games: A stake-holder of significant role in gaming

The remarkable role is played by Epic Games.


This is one of the most renowned software development and video game Company in North Carolina in America. Tim Sweeney founded this company as Potomac computer systems in the year 1991 which is located originally in his parent’s house in Potomac Maryland. 

In the year 1991, the first game was released by the game, and in the earlier time of the year, 1992 and then Mark Rein was brought who was the vice president of the company. Then the office moved to Cary which is headquartered in the year 1999 the name of the studio was changed, and thus, this is an article that will help the readers know about the software development company.


The founder of the company, Tim Sweeney is mechanical engineering. While he was a student, he visited his parents often. He used his personal computer which was meant for both leisure and work. He then started a computer consulting business and later on the scrapped his idea just because of the thought that he will have to spend a whole lot of time. 

In May in the year 2009, the game happened to sell many copies of the game. The final copy of the game was sold to a child in the tear 2013. After the completion of the game, ZZT in the year 1991 in October and then Sweeny used the Potomac system to release the game to the public. The company then began to strengthen the core technology by licensing the core technology of the company.

Epic Games

Epic Games announced in the year 1999 in February that they moved their location of headquarter to a new place in Cary in North Carolina. The unreal was created by the developers who were scattered around the world and then eventually all the developers came together for the completion of the game. 

According to the statement of the founder of the game, the tea just wanted to escape from the feeling of being a part of the big company to work more comfortably. According to Sweeney, the team remained one, and most probably this is the very secret of the success of the company. In the same year, the Unreal Tournament raises to a whole lot of critical acclaim.

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Gears of war

In the year 2006, the personal computer video game market had to face a lot of difficulties, and the struggle was of copyright infringement in the form of software piracy. This was quite a difficult task to make single player games. Then the company made all its attention focused on the console games only. This is known to be the third major iteration of the company.

Epic Game work in the development of the Unreal Engine and the gaming engine as well which is responsible for powering the internal video games just like fortune and unreal, gear of wars and some series like those of Infinity Blades. This owns the video games developer names chair entertainer and the cloud-based software named as cloudgine.  


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