AI ethics board is dissolved after a week of formation by Google

Google closed down the AI Ethics Boards

London, UK - People outside Google's headquarters office building in King's Cross, London.

According to the reports released by Google, they have dissolved an external advisory board which was there with the sole purpose to monitor the use of artificial intelligence. This followed a week of severe controversy regarding the committee’s way of selection of boards for the betterment of the company. Vox first reported the decision and this is so because of the outcry of the inclusion of the board. This board included Kay Coles who was the Heritage Foundation President and had given a lot of efforts for the restoration of the rights of the transgender.

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The name of the advisory board was Advanced Technology external Advisory Council (ATEAC) which included prominent academics in the fields of the Artificial Intelligence and its application. There are also experts of robotics and psychology.

But at the same time, this also includes the one with the policy backgrounds like those of the members of the former US presidential administrations. The goal of the body was to keep Google informed about the work of the Artificial Intelligence of Google and at the name time to make sure that the principles of AI are also restored. 

The principles were all set out by the CEO of the company Sundar Pichai after there were revelations made about the company’s participation in a Pentagon Drone Project which used the machine learning research of the company.

Google has said that the company will not look at all work on the project with eth purpose to develop the weapons and those workers that would also include Artificial intelligence. These projects have the chances of violation of the norms which are accepted internationally and can also cause some threat to the internationally accepted laws as well as human rights.

According to the statement made by a spokesperson of Google, this is quite clear that the expert advisory body named as ATEAC had been ceased to function. The person added that they will end the council up and will go back to the drawing board. They also stated and committed people that they will be responsible in the work they do and will put efforts to the best to get away with the opinions created by the outsiders on this decision of the company.

The same day the makeup of the board happened to face a fierce backlash when the announcements were made. But again this decision has been able to provide with no insights on the process with which the choice of the members was made.

The pressure on Google to have a response to the backlash has been one of the things that can easily be observed. The effective dissolution of the board was a mere victory for Google Employees. The company is now sticking to the ethics and the core value of the organization. This can also be said that the company is more into playing its part significantly and stand out there with the opinion to not support the implementation of the artificial intelligence in making of the weapons.


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