200 people warned of measles exposure by UC Davis Medical Centre


A large hospital of Northern California-UC Davis Medical Centre has advised around 200 patients of highly exposed to measles through a child who is admitted to the emergency ward with respiratory symptoms. The letter with the information sent out to the patients admitted to the emergency department recently. The patients to whom the message is sent are advised to take proper preventives and vaccination to protect them from the Measles virus. Measles outbreaks continue to affect the people around the country in California. It usually takes eight to twelve days from the time of infection to develop symptoms of Measles. But it can be up to 21 days after exposure.

Two weeks ago, a seven-year-old girl was admitted in the emergency department of the hospital, with a few symptoms of measles but typically measles, said Dr. Dean Blumberg-the pediatric in children’s hospital at the University of California, Davis. When measles starts, it starts with symptoms which are very similar to respiratory conditions. In some cases and some children, the sign begins with runny eyes, cough, and runny nose. So before the development of rashes on the body, it is difficult to diagnose the measles virus. The seven-year-old girl child after two days of admission in the emergency department is diagnosed with measles virus. Then the child was kept in proper isolation not to transmit the measles virus. 

The patient was admitted on March 17th, and the Measles virus was diagnosed on March 19th, at that time other patients in the emergency department are avoiding the girl children. The major problem with the Measles virus is that it cannot be identified before the symptom appears. By that time, the infection may spread to other people by any means of transmission. Before appearing the characteristic red rashes, the virus has infected many people during the action. So the patients in the emergency department of UC Davis hospital are advised to take vaccination for measles virus.

Even people who have vaccinated themselves for measles virus can get measles as the vaccine is not 100 percent effective and perfect. According to Dr. Blumberg, there should be a high vaccination rate as the people who are not vaccinated come in contact with vaccinated people. Measles virus is transmitted. So parents should immunize their children with vaccine introduced to prevent measles. The report by centers for disease control and prevention says that, before the introduction and availability of the measles vaccine, over 400-500 people died due to measles virus each year.

In the year 2000, a significant public health victory is achieved in the US by eradicating measles. There were cases before the vaccine is introduced, about 48,000 patients have hospitalized, and over 1000 people have died from brain swelling. The parents who suspect the symptoms of measles in their children should immediately call the hospital before coming to the hospital, says Dr. Blumberg so that the hospital can arrange an isolated room for the patient to prevent the measles virus from spreading to other patients in the department.


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